What is in Brain Fuel Plus

Brain Fuel Plus Ingredients include the following:

Folic Acid

Folic Acid has been proven to help improve your memory, brain speed and cognition. Studies are still being conducted on Folic Acid's prower to fight off diseases and anti aging abilities.


L-Glutamine is used by your brain for brain fuel, which helps create alertness, improves your memory, mood and helps with depression and irritability.. L Glutamine has also been showing to improve your IQ, help with sugar desires and has helped alcoholics stay away from alcohol.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed extract is used to help prevent plaque in your arteries, help mental awareness and to regulate neurotransmitters in your brain. Grape seed extract is also commonly used to naturally treat ADD.


Phenylalanine is an amino acid that the body is unable to make itself and most people do not get enough of it. Phenylalanine has been studied as a natural treatment for depression, Parkinson's disease and much more.


Sensoril is a documented ingredient that has been proven to help reduce mental and emotional stress and promotes a calm/positive state of mind. Sensoril has also helped improve sleep, focus and mental abilities.


Rhodiola helps stabilize your mood and keep dopamine in your brain longer. This helps you feel more confident, motivated and keep a positive mood.

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B 12 is important to your brain function and without it it can lead to your brain shrinking and cause many other brain health related problems. Vitamin B 12 helps prevent memory loss and depression.


Astaxanthin is saw as the most beneficial anti oxidant in the world. It has also been proven to be one of the few that is able to reach though your blood brain barrier to keep neurotransmitters and receptors healthy. Astaxanthin has also been proven to prevent cataracts, support healthy heart function and much more.


Niacinamide has been used and still is used to help with learning disorders, aggression, fatigue, anxiety, hyperactivity and helps your brain keep concentration.

Zinc Picolinate

Zinc is vital to your brains help as it promotes growth, brain activity, healthy skin and so much more. Everyone should include Zinc into their diets regardless as the benefits are endless.


Studies have shown Resveratrol increases brain blood flow and boost brain health, carries anti aging ablities and helps starve off disease. Resveratrol isn't just healthy for your brain, but is also healthy for all of your organs.

Vitamin B-6

Vitamin B 6 is important to keep depression away and helps you think more clearly. Not getting enough Vitamin B 6 could be why you feel unfocused and tired. Vitamin B 6 has been proven to help keep your brain from shrinking.


Ginseng has been long used as a natural ingredient in health products and has shown that it reduces the physical effects of stress, keeps your brain protected from deterioration which is caused by degenerative diseases. Ginseng can also improve your memory and much more.

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