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How To Become A Brain Fuel Plus Distributor

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Boost Your Income Now As A Brain Abundance Distributor

Tired of your regular 8 to 5 day job? Are you looking to generate additional income and eventually pursue a home-based business? If you are in search of a real deal when it comes to the best home business, then you have come to the right place. Brain Abundance offers you a chance to earn at the comfort of your own home and try out their impressive health products. So, it is much like hitting two birds with one stone - you get an extra source of income and you can improve your health by using the brand's health supplement by simply becoming a distributor. If you want to learn more about the ways to get started, then read along this in-depth guide to becoming a Brain Abundance distributor - and what you can expect from it.

Brain Abundance Company Overview

Brain Abundance was established in November 2013 by Eric Caprice and Dr. Pejman Behrouzi, although its official launch was on January 15, 2014. With both founders having a background on health and direct selling, you can be certain that their leadership is strong enough to guide those who wish to explore a business opportunity provided by this brand.

This network marketing company offers its very own health supplement called the Brain Fuel Plus, which is aimed at improving people's brain health. With its proprietary ingredients and safe formulations, you can expect to receive only the finest results on your health without any adverse side effects. Thus, it is not surprising that the supplement is receiving positive remarks from several product users.

Why Choose Brain Fuel Plus

You may have heard of a number of health supplements available in the market, and they seem to give you plenty of promises that appear to be quite enticing. However, there is something about Brain Fuel Plus that simply stands out. In fact, this product does not need flowery introduction because there is no need to force people to believe in what this supplement offers. Several individuals who have personally tried this supplement swear by its amazing effects on improving their memory, stabilizing their moods, and helping them deal well with stressful situations and people.

The secret lies behind the key components of this product, which include a combination of 13 essential and potent substances that can promote brain performance. These ingredients include glutamine, resveratrol, sensoril, rhodiola, folic acid, Ginseng, grape seed extract, and vitamin B and 12, to name a few. All of these ingredients aim to deliver a number of health benefits including an improved cognitive function, defense against stress and depression, a greater sense of focus, and well-balanced mood and mind.

With all these spectacular benefits, a growing number of people are contemplating on starting this business for additional income source, as well as an opportunity to try these products for themselves. After all, the best way to sell a product is when you have personally tried it. This way, you can tell the world about the remarkable experience you have had by using this supplement.

The Perks of Being a Brain Abundance Distributor
If you still find yourself sitting on a fence and wondering whether this business opportunity is for you, then you might want to find out important details about the compensation program. Knowing more about the benefits you can expect can also guide you in making the right decision to become a distributor for this product.

Once you have decided to join, you will be given free marketing tools that can help you get started. Since its founders understand the importance of online marketing in selling a product, you will be equipped with essential tools to help you begin with your new business. These tools include affiliate websites, as well as sales pages that come free of charge. In addition to this, you can receive several training workshops that can further improve your entrepreneurial skills while instilling a sense of discipline. This way, you can secure the long-term success of your business.

About the Brain Abundance Compensation Plan
What's great about Brain Abundance is its simplified compensation plan that is easy to comprehend for anyone who has no further experience in network marketing. In fact, the compensation plan is among the reasons why people join Brain Abundance since they realize the quick return on their investment from this business opportunity. If you want to start earning residual income on a long-term basis, then all you should do is to enroll at least two new members. On the other hand, all distributors must remain active in the company, so they will be entitled to commissions.

The following are among the different pathways to earning from Brain Abundance:

1. Power Line

This type of bonus is only for a one-time basis. You are qualified for the power line bonus when you encourage at least three new people to join in whether you have sponsored them or not. The rates are as follows: $5 on the first person who has decided to join, $3 on the second and $2 on the third new member.

2. Fast-Start Commissions

If you want to achieve quick results from your effort, then you should aim for the fast-start commissions. About $25 to $75 earnings are given to members who bring in a new customer or distributor to the company, as long as these individuals have made their purchase order. Aside from a bonus, you will receive six coded overrides depending on the rank, and this also entitles you for additional earnings each time a team member makes an initial purchase.

3. Accelerated Binary

This is the ultimate way to receive the highest payout you can get from Brain Abundance. Most distributors aim for this bonus because of the massive returns on their investment. The idea is to have two teams in your "business center", and you must be able to get two new members to enroll. There should be 1 new member in the left and another in the right team. Upon attaining this goal, you will automatically be entitled to a lifetime accelerated binary bonus!

Primarily, it works this way - You will receive $20 whenever there is a single order of a bottle (50 BV) on your left team and on your right team. In case there is another 50 BV on those two teams, you can expect to receive another $20 as you bonus.

These are only some of the spectacular benefits you can receive by becoming a Brain Abundance distributor. So, explore this profitable income opportunity from the company and spread the word about the remarkable benefits that the manufacturer has to offer.